4 commands that every dog should know

Dogs are one of the most intelligent species of animals but that doesn’t mean that your dog will always obey you. To teach them discipline you must teach them these commands. Teaching these commands will surely be helpful.

  1. The ‘Come’ command. 

To teach your dog this command take them to open spaces like parks or playgrounds and say the word ‘come’ and start walking backward while doing the hand gesture to call them so that they will understand what the command means and what they have to do.

  1. The ‘Sit’ command.  

This is a very useful command to calm your over-excited dog. To teach this command to your dog you will have to use a treat and hold it away from the dog and say the word sit. If the dog sits you should reward them with the treat and also pet them, this is a way of positive reinforcement. Do this exercise daily and your dog will soon learn what the command means.

  1. The ‘Wait’ command.

Dogs can be hyperactive and this is trouble for the owners. As soon as your dog realizes it’s time for a walk or you are taking them to a park they will be filled with excitement. You need to teach them this command to control their hyperactivity. To teach them this command put your dog on a leash and takes them to the door of your house and open the door. As your dog will rush forward, pull the lease and say the word ‘Wait’. Eventually, your dog will understand this command. Reward your dog after they obey you.

  1. The ‘Drop’ command.

Dogs can’t use their front paws like us so the only way for them to sense something is through their nose and sometimes they might pick up something in their mouth which can be dangerous and can be a choking hazard or poisonous. Sometimes they might pick up a dirty object. This can cause several problems hence it is absolutely important to teach them the Drop command.  Your dog can also sometimes grab your favorite footwear and destroy it. At such times this command is very helpful. To teach them this command play ‘fetch’ with your dog and as soon as the dog picks up the ball tell them to drop it. There are two cases, they might drop the ball on their own or you have to get it forcefully. After they drop the ball praise them and appreciate them. This will help them to understand what the command means and what they have to do.


Clement Jansen

Clement Jansen