5 Reasons Why To Start Giving Your Dog Cooked Food

There are a lot of different kinds of food for dogs that you can choose from these days. But just like humans, processed foods will never be better for them. When your dog regularly eats food that has been lightly cooked, it will surely benefit from them. If you seldom feed cooked dog food, then look at why it is best for them below.

Ensure Food Safety

Heating meats to a certain temperature is recommended by the FDA. Simply because it is the most reliable method of ensuring that any leftover bacteria in raw food are killed entirely. Although most dog breeds can benefit from the nutrients and natural bacteria that they get from raw food, it is best that this is done in moderation and still prefer to give them cooked food.

Boost Healthy Skin and Coat

Most of the time, when dogs have a healthy coat, this means that they also have healthy skin. And this is not only from the products that you use them. When the dog gets the right nutrients and vitamins that it needs to promote healthy skin and coat, then you are assured that they are also at lesser risks for skin infections and irritations. And giving them cooked food will ensure you of this.

Clean Teeth And Gums

Digestion starts in the mouth. And any food that is easy to break down spends less time on teeth and gums. However, it cannot be avoided when food particles start to get stuck and plaque and tartar builds up. The gums and teeth will have food particles that are not easily removed by brushing. And when this happens, it can cause bad breath. With cooked food, you are sure that it gets easily digested even from the mouth.

Firmer And Smaller Stool

So if the dog digests most of the food that they eat when it’s cooked, then this can be easily absorbed by the body and they will have less waste. When you feed your dog high-nutrient cooked food, it’s a win-win for the both of you. They benefit from the food, and you have less waste to clean up too.

Less Risk For Allergies

Dogs can have allergies especially with the food they eat, just like people can. The main reason for this is the use of meat in their meals. The synthetic proteins and amino acids that cause allergies can be avoided if you only feed your dogs cooked food.


Although eating raw food comes with plenty of benefits for the dogs, doing it in moderation is still strongly advised. Pet’s Love Fresh has a good selection of cooked dog foods that you can choose from. Giving them these will assure you that your pet can enjoy a healthy, well-balanced meal every single time.

Clement Jansen

Clement Jansen