Animal Awareness Does not have Limits

Within the Holistic Health expo in Foot. Lauderdale a few previously I used to be serving through getting an Intuitive Panel obtaining a couple of perfectly-known psychics. A lady inside the audience requested our panel, “Do people ever return (reincarnate) as creatures?” There’s a extended pause as panel people nicely seriously seriously seriously anxiously waited for each other to retort. Before I’m able to think, the answer came flowing by helping cover their such clearness it surprised even me: “Awareness does not have limits.”

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Animal Communication is much more than finding what your animal preferences, or perhaps what they are thinking and feeling. That’s the very first is very awesome and very useful to produce our method of existence together more enjoyable and assisting inside our roles as compassionate caregivers, it is just the beginning of the outstanding rewards.

Inside the similar vein, Animal Reiki provides more than relieving stress and discomfort, and generating harmony and balance and gratification, which are very amazing and frequent results.

Animal Reiki and Communication are frequently explorations into expanding our awareness for the mind-blowing awareness that we are truly One over the finest volume of creation. Our very molecules vibrate with the exact same pulse of Existence, plus a vast Love could be the glue that connects us.

As time passes of practicing meditation, energy healing and animal communication I’d find out about spiritual teachers believe that creatures are lower over the transformative scale than humans, and therefore humans never reincarnated as creatures as that could be a demotion. Like a youthful child in Catholic schools, I used to be trained that man had dominion inside the creatures ever since they were lesser beings, furthermore they no Soul and therefore couldn’t visit “paradise.”

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Personally, it’s not about accepting someone else’s belief about such things as reincarnation. I did not develop obtaining a belief both in situation, though my Catholic religion stated there is not such factor. I really do however put much stock inside my own experience, combined with the evidence was coming after i began to interview many souls in human and animal clothing.

I have had lots of personal encounters with creatures to consider any limits apply. Like searching for the eyes within the cougar who lives fully mindful of his Egyptian roots and our past lives together, and takes my students into greater dimensional planes of existence, furthermore to counsels them over the newest leap of courage they need to consume their careers. And healing a horse who stopped jumping as she am disillusioned around humans, who then came so softly and welcomed each student at school individually, then investigated my eyes together with your a fierce love that everyone’s heart chakras broke wider than formerly, spilling finished a bliss work the waves nearly knocked me over.

Witnessing my dog resist a nail trim, so rather of forcing her, I challenged her Greater Self when using the task of making her nails shorter by hands. For 8 years with only a indication she’d shape-shift her nails perfectly short overnight during sleep inside our bed!

Darlene Santiago

Darlene Santiago