Are you going to adopt a French bulldog puppy for the first time?

Having a pet at home is a dream for many people, but as they need attention, affection, the right food, among other care, you have to wait for the right moment to have a four-legged friend at home. Since your time has come, it is best to do a lot of research before buying blue merle frenchies for sale. Thus, you can prepare the house to receive them and you will know how to take care of them in the best way.

Prepare the house to receive your puppy

Adopting one means having a new family member in the house. Therefore, the arrival of the pet may require adaptations to your home. You need to find a place to put the feeder, water and toilet mat. In addition, it is essential to initially remove sharp or fragile objects that are at low heights and therefore accessible.

As much as you already have a dog at home, you need to prepare your home for the arrival of the puppies. In short, your current pet may have a more reserved personality. On the other hand, the puppy may be more active, breaking objects or venturing through windows and balconies. When you already have a pet, another point to think about is if the feeding space is enough or if you need to find another place for this purpose.

Food CareĀ 

Feeding your puppy requires some care. Give only food suitable for your little one’s age and breed and avoid giving leftovers – he is still getting used to his taste and some foods can be very bad. It is also worth staying away from cow’s milk, which can cause allergies and diarrhea in puppies and kittens. Feed him three small meals a day. Do not leave food exposed for the puppy to snack on because he can eat all day and get sick.

Practice separation

Do not let the puppy cling to your side all day. Having some time with him will help prevent separation anxiety. In the beginning, you can leave a TV or radio on so that your pet has the impression of people at home.

Vaccinate your puppy and protect him

As soon as your puppy is 45 days old, either a dog or a cat, you can give the first batch of vaccines. This is very important so that your new friend stays healthy and does not contract diseases during walks or meetings with other companions. Take the opportunity to give anti-fleas. It is recommended that the dog has completed the vaccination protocol before leaving the house to avoid contact with possible infectious disease agents. Walks, in addition to being an important physical activity, help the animal learn to socialize with other people and other dogs.

Look for a Veterinarian to guide you

Always have a trusted veterinarian to assist you in the care of the puppy. The veterinarian can map the animal’s diseases and needs, in addition to prescribing vaccines, deworming and other medications that all puppies need to consume. Just like babies, puppies are very sensitive. They still do not have a strengthened immune system and are susceptible to various diseases, medical monitoring is essential.

Darlene Santiago

Darlene Santiago