Dog medical emergency guide: are you prepared?

In times of a medical emergency, it’s important to know how to react and respond. This applies not only to humans, but also to animals. Dogs can have allergic reactions, cardiac issues, get into poisonous materials and much more. Giving your fur baby a forever home means you’ll be responsible for providing permanent care — even during an accident or emergency. Without being able to speak, animals can still communicate. It’s up to pet parents to recognize the signs that your dog needs emergency care.

Knowing how to respond during an emergency starts with knowing what can cause harm. Be aware of foods, substances and materials that your dog might get into or ingest. For example, chocolate and most candies, grapes, dairy, another pet’s food, some houseplants, lawn fertilizers, antifreeze and household cleaners are very hazardous to dogs. For more specifics on how to treat allergic reactions, seizures, poisoning, cardiac issues, etc., check out the below resource.

Dog Medical Emergency Guide created by Figo Pet Insurance.