Find out the different ways you can have fun with your cats

One of the main benefits of having a cat is you don’t need big grounds or a big backyard to have fun with you can have that fun in a small space as well although animals that are large need bigger space to run around or go for a walk but cats can curl into small spaces with their toys and play and keep themselves entertained. Beyond the ball of yarn there are many different things you can do you just need a little bit of thought for that, also have a cat dad shirt or mom shirt as cats love to see themselves.

The first thing you can play with your cat is blowing bubbles with them 

You will see that cats will find happiness in the small thing plus they will never wan off from the interest and will find extraordinary things in the ordinary and with the blowing bubbles, you may think it is a small kid thing but the mystery of bubbles blowing and floating will keep them amused and having some of the playtimes with your cat will enhance your bonding with them and having one of the cat dad shirts will also show the appreciation for the cats.

The ultimate game you can play with the cats is hiding and seek

Once your favorite childhood game can become your cat’s and yours new game to play on a Sunday morning or evening try hiding some of the favorite things and see how your cat goes on a scavenger hunt and this will become your new favorite and no extra space is required for that, also look for the new cat dad shirt in the market and wear them to show how much you love your cats.

Clement Jansen

Clement Jansen