How The Dog Recovery Suits Work Perfectly?

The Recovery Suit or protective suit has been specially designed for pets. It adjusts to their morphology and the openings are adapted to the anatomy of the animal. It is made of cotton and stretch fabric, which allows the animal to maintain all its freedom of movement. The open able rear part makes it easy to put on and take off the kuoser dog recovery suits. Features of Recovery Suit:

  • Recommended by vets
  • Alternative to the collar
  • Can replace a bandage
  • Dogs can move comfortably
  • Without toxic substances
  • Patented breathable design
  • Easy hold-up system for walks
  • Machine washable & reusable
  • Available in different sizes and prints

Alternative for the Collar

These products are a professional alternative for the Elizabethan collar. The products cover the problem area and protect against licking and scratching instead of covering the head with a cone. With the Cone of Shame, sounds are amplified, the cone restricts movement, dogs and cats hit furniture, and wounds are not protected. All of this often results in stress. So choose the animal-friendly alternative.

Covers Sensitive Points and Skin Conditions

The dog recovery suits cover and protects against wounds, tender points and other skin conditions on your pet’s torso, so the problem area can heal. If the problem area is on the front paw, you can choose the Recovery Sleeve.

Protects After an Operation

The Recovery Suit protects the operation area on the torso after medical intervention. Thanks to the comfortable fit, the animal is free to move.

Covers Critical Parts during Heat

The Recovery Suit reduces the risk of a blood or urine stain in the home. In the event of fluid loss, a sanitary napkin can be applied inside the set or between the double layers.

Limits Excessive Grooming

Excessive licking, scratching and biting can have many different causes. This behavior can be caused by an allergy, hot spot, and sore or other skin conditions. If your dog is scratching or licking excessively, the sores can become infected and tender points become more irritated. If the problem area is on the torso, you can choose the Recovery Suit®. If your dog licks his paw excessively, the Recovery Sleeve offers the best protection.

Give Lactating Bitches Some Breathing Space

The Recovery Suit covers the entire torso and therefore prevents unwanted pregnancy. In addition, the Suit helps reduce the suckling of puppies in female dogs. At regular intervals, the Suit can be opened to feed the puppies.

Protects Parts of the Body Affected By Castration

Follow-up is very important after a castration. Protecting the area of ​​operation is essential for good recovery, but the “cone of shame” is often stressful for animals. This is why professionals have developed an animal-friendly alternative: The Recovery Suit. The recovery suit protects the area of ​​operation after castration. In this way, the Recovery Suit prevents dogs and cats from licking or scratching excessively wounds or sutures.

Darlene Santiago

Darlene Santiago