How to Choose the Best Bed For Dogs

Dogs are very active animals who love to explore, play around, sniff, and even chase at anything that stimulates them! But just like us humans, and any other animal really, it’s important that your dog gets enough rest. As dog owners, we need to make sure that we give them a calming pet bed where they can sleep peacefully and comfortably (you can find these from stores like PetSwag)!

But with so many different kinds of dog beds, which one should you invest in? Read on to know what to consider as you select the right bed for your furry friend.

  1. Size

The first thing to consider is the size of the bed, which would depend on how big your dog is and the space you will allocate for their sleeping area. Measure your dog from his head to the tail, ensuring that you get the right-sized bed that isn’t too small.

The bed should be sizable enough for your dog to be able to lie down in his natural and comfortable sleeping position. Sure, if they sleep balled up, the bed would fit, but what happens when they stretch out? That’s why measuring them from head to tail is best

  1. Durability

Of course, you’d like the bed to last for the long term, but this may be a problem if your dog loves to chew! This may be due to puppies teething or older dogs cleaning their teeth and strengthening their jaws. Other times, they just do it when hungry, stressed, or bored.

Either way, chewing the bed would damage it in the long term, and even pose a health risk as the pieces and stuffing may end up stuck in their intestines or stomach.

For those who have chewers, avoid fabric beds with foam or cushioning materials. You may want to get one that is made with aluminum or PVC pipe, covered with canvas-like fabric. Some of these beds are also elevated for better airflow, making it better for dogs with thicker coats.

Don’t forget the cleaning part of maintaining dog beds! It should be easy to clean. As much as possible, opt for ones that are machine-washable and those with removable covers for ease of cleaning and washing, like Dog car seat covers.

  1. Materials

When choosing what material your dog bed should be, consider your pet’s needs. Do they have achy joints, how old are they, do they have a lot of furs, how do they sleep?

Beds made of memory foam are a great choice for senior dogs with bad joints, with some having cooling gel for comfort. There are also orthopedic beds made for older dogs that have mobility issues.

Younger and smaller dogs will benefit from fluffier beds for warmth. The same goes for plush beds or heated beds for more comfort!

You may also consider buying dog coats for added comfort. Dog coats are not just for show, they serve an important purpose. Dog coats keep our furry friends warm in the winter months and protect them from the elements. They also help to protect their skin from all of the dirt and debris that they may come in contact with while outside.

Wrapping It Up

Sleeping is a huge part of a dog’s life, just like ours. By knowing how to choose the right dog bed, you are assured that they will sleep peacefully for their health and wellness.


Clement Jansen

Clement Jansen