How to Deal with Your Pet’s Planned Euthanasia?

As a pet parent, you spend more than a decade with your furry friend. Traveled for miles with the window open and music flowing, took hundreds of walks, snuggled together watching football, and was the best nanny for your toddler. In the last couple of years, your dog struggled with chronic pain along with other age-related issues.

You prayed that nature took its course and he would pass away peacefully in his sleep. You would miss him but this is the way of life. Unfortunately, you are not so lucky and it is not easy to watch him living in pain, confusion, and vulnerability. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to take an extremely hard decision, to eliminate your furry friends suffering via humane euthanization. Even if you are aware that it is the correct decision, you feel deeply sad and guilty.

New York residents can call the vet at ZenDog Veterinary Care PLLC for a dog quality of life consultation. They see your dog in a natural environment because at the veterinary clinic the pet will be anxious and uncomfortable. They review relevant medical records and offer opinions of what and how to do. Discuss steps to keep the pet comfortable through medications, and therapies. The euthanasia process and timing are also discussed.

How to deal with planned euthanasia?

Planning in advance does not mean the death of your pet will be easy on you. Nonetheless, it will offer you time to stay with him in those last days.

Are you in denial?

Pain killers can offer good six to seven months of a good life to your dog. However, in some cases it is impossible. You may be in denial and dismiss the vet’s medical opinion of euthanasia. The vet is well aware that it is the most humane solution for your pet. You can go for a second opinion from another vet. Decide or approve only if you agree with the vet!

Ask the vet to explain the process

Understand the procedure before it occurs because uncertainty can cause anxiety. The vet will explain the process. The dog will be first put to sleep. You will be given time to spend as much as you want with your pet and at your approval, a medication will be injected, which will stop the dog’s heart. The moment is emotionally taxing but your dog will pass away peacefully in sleep. The vet from ZenDog offers in home dog euthanasia not just in New York but even in Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, and Nassau.

Set date and time as soon as possible

You may wish to spend some time as well as your family desires to say goodbye and sometimes the vet is busy. All this can set the time and date too far. Waiting for this day-long enough is nearly excruciating in comparison to doing it tomorrow.

Plan everything for the day in advance

  • Who will take the dog to the vet?
  • Will you stay with your furry friend when he drifts away?
  • Will you prefer to take a leave from work?
  • Where will you bury your pet – backyard or somewhere else?
  • Do you want the dog’s ashes?
  • Who will be there with you during the procedure?
  • If the process is at home, will you want your family to be present or sent away?

Always stay positive. You will miss your pet, but remember it was the best decision for your loving friend. It is not easy to forget the end of life but you will need to move on.

Darlene Santiago

Darlene Santiago