How to Find A Right Pet Insurance Plan?

If ever your pet falls ill or gets injured, pet insurance will help you to cover their costly vet bills. Cost of every plan varies, which depends on a company, the pet’s age and breed, and level of the coverage you choose and pet insured amount.

  • Pet insurance will reimburses you for the vet bills when your companion is injured and sick. Buying right pet insurance needs very careful shopping as these policies are not standardized, and range of choices makes it tough to compare the plans.
  • Some pet insurance policies cover the treatment just after accidents, whereas others cover illnesses and accidents both. Accident plans will be cheaper, but the coverage will not help you in case the pet gets sick.
  • The pet insurance policies often include age restrictions, exclusions, waiting periods and payout limits before the coverage takes an effect. Some will reimburse the higher portions of the vet bills compared to others.

Most of the companies provide insurance coverage for the routine care, like annual vaccinations or wellness visits, and even extras like coverage for finding the lost pet. You will pay a bit more for such add-ons.

What Does the Pet Insurance Cover?

What is covered by the pet insurance may depend on type of insurance plan that you are buying. The pet insurance policies are available in 3 varieties and they are:

  • Accident-only insurance plans
  • Wellness plans for the routine care like vaccinations, available as add-on
  • Accident & illness plans (common)

Accident & illness plans normally cover injury and sickness like cancer, broken bones, hereditary conditions or congenital conditions, and much more. The accident-only pet insurance plans cover just accident problems, like broken bone.

You may add the routine wellness policy to several pet insurance plans. This can offset cost of an annual visit to vet wellness, heartworm treatment, vaccinations, and various other routine care expenses that will help to keep the pet healthy.

Pet insurance will not cover any pre-existing conditions; it means conditions the pet had before this policy went in effect, which includes waiting period. You need to know if there is the look-back period and conditions before look-back period will be covered.

Additional costs to know

Price of the pet health insurance isn’t limited to the premium payments and it is likely you will need to cover any out-of-pocket costs, even after the insurance coverage comes in.

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