Learning New Tricks – Helping Our Pet Be A Safe Visitor With Family

You can always teach an old dog new tricks, it’s hard, but it is achievable. It is much easier though, to teach a new dog how to behave and become a safe member of your family. How many times have you seen dogs lose control when around unfamiliar groups of people in a public place? You might have experienced dogs going a bit crazy when you knock on a front door and it might leave you feeling a little bit unsafe. There are loads of scenarios where dog owners would feel much more comfortable knowing their dog has completed dog behaviour courses or received dog training whilst at the dog day care centre. We all want our pet to be a safe visitor with family members, friends and in public settings and there are ways to go about it. 

Socialisation dog training

The only way that dogs will learn how to react in different scenarios and understand how to be safe around strangers is to go through socialisation training. This can be achieved with dog behavioural training and naturally over time with attendance at doggy day care. With careful exposure to other dogs and people, your dog will learn how they are meant to react in different locations and when in the presence of strangers.

Learning safe behaviours

One way to deal with new visitors to your home is to take your dog outside before the visitor arrives. That way, you can let the person enter your home first, so that the dog can see that they are a welcome part of the home. Another way to achieve a safe and calm dog is to naturally build in a safe spot in the home where they feel completely safe and unharmed, This can be their mat or other area of the house. When visitors come that are unfamiliar, guide them to their safe spot, with treats if necessary, and they’ll understand to behave quietly and safely.

Stimulate your pet

By putting your dog into doggy day care you are ensuring that your pet isn’t left unstimulated and home alone for hours on end. This can be disastrous for the development of dogs and leads to them being more likely to act crazy when you arrive home from work or whenever you have guests round to the house. By offering stimuli on a regular basis and continued dog training in basic commands and behaviour, your pet will be much safer around family members, friends and strangers.

Dog training and the skills picked up at doggy day care will go a long way to helping your dog become the best pet it can possibly be. We know how much we love our dogs, but for some strangers, whether your dog is interacting them in a public and social setting or a private scenario with friends and family, it can be difficult and uncomfortable. It is important to remember that our dogs are used to us but need dog training to learn how to behave well and in a safe manner when in different situations and locations away from the home. Choosing a dog training facility and dog day care centre that can help us with this is an important undertaking.

Darlene Santiago

Darlene Santiago