Planning to Adopt Puppies for Sale Long Island NY? These Questions are Important to Ask

Now that you are ready and determined to adopt a puppy, you would have to perform some research on which is the right breed for you. Some casual evaluation might lead you to understand the breeder of the puppy. Needless to say, this is one of the biggest investments and you must ensure to adopt puppies for sale Long Island NY that are not only healthy but also happy and belongs to a respectable breeder.

Top Best Questions to Ask When Adopting Puppies

  • Ask About The Puppy’s Age

While it might sound like a weird question, but ensure that the puppies are between the age-group of 3-12 weeks. The prospective buyer shouldn’t be encouraging visits from adopters if the puppies are below 3 weeks or above 12 weeks. 

  • Can The Puppy Be Spotted with Its Parents?

Though you wouldn’t be able to see the puppy with its father, but is imperative that you check the puppy’s mother. Make sure to evaluate the temperament of both the mother and the puppy and how are they interacting with each other. See if the puppy is obedient or too much energetic. These answers will lead you to answer if the puppy is right for your family or not.

  • Are the Puppies Weaned?

The puppies that are for sale and the ones that you choose must be weaned completely at 7 weeks, and if they are not, it might signify that they are younger than being told by the owner/breeder.

  • Ask About The Diet Sheet of the Puppy

It is important to understand and know if they are feeding the puppies. This is because you would want to keep them on the same diet, for at least the first few days in your house. There are dog breeders who maintain a diet sheet that you can take along with the puppy. The diet sheet is a guide to let you know what and at what time the puppies must be fed.

  • When Can The Puppy Be Taken Home?

Puppies must not be separated from their mother before eight weeks, because it can bring about an impact on their development. A large number of breeders allow puppies to be taken home only after eight weeks, however, some choose to retain them till twelve weeks as well.

Apart from all this, you must also ask about the vaccinations that the puppy received and what are they expected to get in the future. Also, check with the breeder if the puppy had undergone any treatment like worming. Once you have checked with all these points, you can take the puppies for sale Long Island NY home safely and sans any doubt.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise