Taylor Swift is clearly a pet lover: a simple life girl

Swift accepts in public that she loves her cats more than anything does. “I have cats, I am obsessed with them. It is a real joy to live with them.” Swift also has two dogs (Doberman), namely bug and Baby. Swift’s dogs are not much active in social media. Meredith, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin are her three cats. You can see Meredith and Olivia in swift’s musical video album “ME”. Co-actor Brendon presents her with a kitten when the singer passes her an engagement ring. Among all the Taylor swift pets, Olivia Benson is the world’s third richest pet.

Taylor swift is inspired by Grey’s Anatomy

Singer Taylor Swift has a fondness for her Scottish Fold kitten named Meredith Grey, of whom she has posted several photos online describing her as her newest roommate. By the time she posted a photo accompanied by the comment, it became the most talked about topic on Twitter at the time. Taylor explained that the name given to the kitten was inspired by a character from “Grey’s Anatomy”. Taylor also said that people have good reasons for not liking cats, but Meredith could convince them otherwise.

The Scottish breed “Scottish Fold” is characterized by the ears folded forward and down and has short or long fur. About his temperament, he is docile. Cats of this breed are playful, sociable and much attached to their owner, enjoying playing and interacting with their owners even when they are adults. Science has already proven that having pets is good for people’s physical and mental health. The famous, even with their busy lives, do not give up taking care of their animals either.

Know more about Scottish Fold cat

The Scottish Fold is a medium sized cat with medium sized bone structure. The head is round and the folded ears add to the illusion of roundness. The legs look round like the tail in relation to the cat’s length. Their long coats can vary slightly in texture and require regular grooming. The Scottish Fold is a charming and docile breed. He is an easy cat to live with and take care of. He is affectionate and comfortable with all members of his family. Your tail must be handled with care. Some of these cats are known to develop tail stiffness, which can cause pain if the tail is mishandled or accidentally mishandled.


Care should be taken with Scottish Fold nutrition. This breed already has a rounded shape. It should not be allowed to become overweight. He is good in mouth and not as active as other breeds so nutritional control is vital. Scottish Fold needs interactive play with its owner to keep itself in good condition. Although the coat is easy to care for, he will enjoy being brushed as part of the game.

As the Scottish Fold ages, carefully move the tail, moving it from side to side and top to bottom. If there are any signs of stiffness or if he appears to be in pain when the tail is manipulated, he should be taken to the vet to see if he is suffering from arthritis. The British established the Scottish Fold as a breed.

Darlene Santiago

Darlene Santiago