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They have 4 legs and know all our secrets. And they, like us, need care and in these conditions, like us, the most appropriate care is needed. Choosing a veterinarian can be a headache because of the many criteria to take into account before selecting the best animal health professional. Location, prices, schedules and specialties are obviously the first criteria to take into account, but several other points must weigh your decision-making. The Pet Smile Vet is an essential part here.

The Geographical Area

The location of the veterinary practice and its distance from your home is often the first factor that comes to mind when choosing a veterinarian. However, if the animal is in a complex situation, it is generally essential to expand the catchment area to find the best professional. Such situations are relatively rare. However, we recommend identifying the nearest veterinary clinics, surgeries and hospitals and listing the numbers of their emergency services. Do not hesitate to combine several numbers. We will not discuss the care obligations here, but it is possible that the availability does not correspond to your requirements. It is important to anticipate.

The Reason for the Consultation

It must be well targeted when requesting an appointment with a veterinarian. This saves time and helps to identify the most suitable professional or establishment. We recommend, in case of doubt, to take a second opinion from a specialist. A general veterinarian can direct you to a specialist colleague if necessary.

The Veterinary Establishment

The attention paid to the establishment in the choice of a veterinarian may seem trivial; however, it is important not to neglect this aspect. Hospitals and clinics have more resources and availability in low-pitched slots. Similarly, if an emergency arises, it is best that the facility quickly has the history of the animal being treated.

Opinions Are Fundamental Elements In The Selection Of A Professional In Any Sector.

The emergence of Google on reviews has led to many abuses. Professionals collect them and make them available to all the establishments listed on our site. That said, we strongly advise not to focus on these indicators which are, still today, easily falsifiable.

Tariffs In The Veterinary Sector Are Not Legally Regulated.

Fees may therefore vary from one professional to another. We therefore strongly encourage you to inquire beforehand before making an appointment.

The Reason for the Consultation

If you consult a veterinarian for a routine visit, for a vaccination, deworming and other recurring reasons, or for a first visit, all veterinarians can welcome you and provide you with satisfactory service. If, on the other hand, you consult following an accident, a behavioral problem or an abnormal condition, it may be interesting for you to take a second opinion from a specialist (you can of course always consult your usual veterinarian). For example, your usual veterinarian will be able to give you advice in the event of a dermatological problem, but a qualified specialist veterinarian will allow you to have confirmation or assurance that the prohibited treatment is adapted to the diet and condition of your animal.

You must therefore clearly target the reason for your consultation in order to know whether an in-depth study is interesting or not. That’s good, in addition to the species treated, vet tells you on each of the sheets when a veterinarian is specialized.

Darlene Santiago

Darlene Santiago