Things To Check Before Putting Your Dog In Boarding

People with pets have a big responsibility on their shoulders. You cannot just leave your pet alone while you go out on work or out of the city on some business. You have to put them in a great dog boarding facility where they have cared just like they are cared for at home. 

When googling, you would find several companies offering short term dog lodging salt lake county ut facilities, but as a first-timer, how do you judge what is best for your dog. To end the confusion once and for all, here are a few things to check before putting your dog in a boarding facility.

  • Signs Of Great Dog Boarding Facilities 

There are little things that make a dog boarding facility a great dog boarding facility; follow this guide to choose the right place to put your dog when you cannot be there for them. 

  • Visit The Facility With Your Dog

Visiting the facility with your dog would help you see if your pet is feeling comfortable or not at the new place. You should closely see your dog’s behavior at the facility; if they are repelling the place, you must go for some other facility where they feel comfortable and playful. 

  • Day Boarding Or Short Stay

When you are off to work, you might want just a dog boarding facility for a few hours. But when you are leaving the town, it might be days. A facility must accommodate your needs. Dog Daycare near NASA in Webster is great when it comes to providing both facilities. They would make the stay as comfortable as possible for your dog by understanding the dog’s peculiar needs as per the dog breed and individual characteristics and behavior. 

  • Schedule 

The staff should be made aware of the schedule of your dog – sleeping time, walking time, food time, etc., should be shared beforehand with the facility provider to minimize the change that your pet has to go through. 

  • Food Preferences 

Make the staff known of any food allergies, food likes, and dislikes of your pet. In case they give any dry food, you should ask them about the quality.  

  • Vaccinations 

Ensure all the basic vaccinations are up to date. Give your dog shots for ticks before sending them to a facility. Dog Daycare near NASA in Webster checks the dog for rabies, distemper, parvo fervor, kennel cough, etc., before enrolling them at their boarding facilities. 

Clement Jansen

Clement Jansen