Top 5 Tips For Safe And Stress-Free Cat Shipping

Whether you’re moving, visiting, or just going on vacation with your cat, you want the trip to be as stress-free as possible. Airpets International experts share some tips to help your cat travel without fear.

Car rides can be stressful for cats, but plane rides are even more nerve-wracking. Read on for the top 5 tips for safe and stress-free cat shipping

Keep the Carrier in the Back Seat

If you keep the carrier out in a room in your home where your cat regularly relaxes, they will associate it with happy times and not negative experiences like trips to the vet. Also, if the carrier smells like your cat, it will not be as scary.

For long car rides, using a carrier with hard sides and an easy-to-remove top is best for easier access to your kitty. Having a page that hooks into the seat belt for added safety is also a good idea.

Many carriers also have additional features like feeding bowls, locking zippers, washable inserts, and wheels. However, only some are necessary and can add to the carrier’s cost. It is crucial to choose the one that fits your cat’s needs.

Don’t Let Your Cat Out of the Car

Allowing your cat to roam around the car may distract you and become a hazard to you and other drivers. A distracted cat could wiggle under the brake pedal or even get their paw stuck in it. Kittens and small cats are particularly vulnerable. They can be thrown against the windshield and injure themselves.

They could also try to escape through an open window or door, creating chaos for other vehicle occupants. Even if your cat is usually chill in the car, these unfamiliar surroundings can cause them to freak out.

Instead of allowing your cat to roam the vehicle, train them to enjoy their carrier well before your trip. You can help them feel comfortable by using desensitization strategies and rewarding them with treats and toys on the page.

Keep Your Cat’s Food and Water Bowls in the Car

Packaging enough food and water to last the entire trip is essential when shipping a cat. This is because your cat may be transferred to different handlers or airlines throughout the journey, and you want to ensure they have everything they need. Also, remember that you’ll need litter, a scoop, small garbage bags, and cleaning supplies in case of any accidents during the trip.

Cats aren’t used to traveling by plane, and the noise, smells, and movements can be incredibly upsetting. Try to get your cat comfortable with this new experience by crate-training them early and giving them short car rides before the actual flight. You can also hire a pet transport service to handle the whole journey.

Keep Your Cat in a Crate

Whether shipping your cat for a move or fostering an adoptee from another state, you must ensure they have a suitable carrier and are comfortable in it. If your kitty is a crate skeptic, slowly introduce them to the crate over days or weeks. Place toys, treats, and other things they love in the crate to help them get used to it and encourage them to spend more time inside with positive reinforcement.

Consider buying a giant crate designed for cats that is more spacious than a carrier, can fit food and water bowls, and has a bed. Some people use these crates to house adopted feral cats temporarily. This helps them adjust to their new homes and reduces the risk of aggression between a bonded pair during transport.

Keep Your Cat Comfortable

It’s essential to make sure your cat is comfortable in their carrier. They will spend a lot of time there on the day of your move, and they may not want to leave it, especially if they are nervous or stressed.

Consider putting some comfortable bedding inside the carrier. Also, ensure it is large enough for them to turn around and sit down. The pages should also have handles and shoulder straps to make carrying them easier if necessary.

Cats aren’t big fans of change, but they can be trained to enjoy (or at least tolerate) road trips and flights with the proper preparation. Follow these tips for a safe and stress-free cat shipping experience.

Darlene Santiago

Darlene Santiago