Traveling With Your Pet: You Should Know This

Traveling with your pet sounds like a brilliant idea. You get to make the most of holidays and vacations when you travel with your best friends on-board. But when you choose to travel with your pets, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. 

Bear in mind that every airline has its norms for pet shipping, so you must inform your airline about your pet travel plans. The International Airline Transportation Association enforces rules for live animals across the globe, and these rules are applicable for airlines, shippers, and you. 


Pets traveling abroad must contain a pet microchip that would adhere to the ISO standards II784/11785. This non-encrypted 15-digit microchip is known to operate from 134.2kHz. The microchip number must be visible on all the vaccination and health certificates.

How Old Is Your Pet?

IATA mentions that your animal should be at least 8 weeks old and weaned completely before you travel on the airline. There are many airlines which demands your pet to be 15 weeks before being allowed to travel internationally. For best results, the more you wait before your puppy’s pet transport in the cargo hold, the chances of their respiratory system developing increases.

Which Airlines Are Convenient For Your Pet?

Try booking a non-stop and direct airline, and avoid traveling on weekends or holidays if possible. Always try considering schedules that cut down on temperature extremes. For instance, avoid traveling during too much cold or hot periods. 

How Healthy is Your Pet?

Cross-check with your veterinarian to ensure that your animal is healthy to travel. There are certain breeds like Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, TziShuhs who aren’t capable of flying because they suffer breathlessness even in normal conditions. In case you have to take them, make sure to inform the airlines beforehand.

You would also be needing an Airline Veterinary Health Certificate to adhere to the airline rules. Your veterinarian would be able to assist you in completing this. Most airlines demand it to be issued at least 7-10 before departure. Call the airlines to check their amount of time.

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Darlene Santiago

Darlene Santiago