What are the basic needs of a bird pet?

When you are interested in keeping a parrot as your pet in the house, you must have bird supplies & accessories. All the supplies and accessories must be in your home before bringing a pet bird home. These are the necessary supplies you will need when you get a pet bird.


You will first have a birdcage, not unless you like them to fly freely in your house. When getting the right bird cage for your pet, you can ask the breeder or an expert who knows about a particular bar space. The bar space refers to the distance between the individual bars of the cage. You don’t want to see your pet getting its head stuck in the bars. You have to think about the size that fits your budget and the space you have in your house. There are expensive cages with cups and dowel perch, while others are only simple. 

Cage accessories 

Other than the cage, you need to have cage accessories. It will help you make the pet comfortable in the environment while in the birdcage. You can choose ideal accessories for their size, including the perches. You also have to get a cage lining to catch the droppings of your bird. Ideally, you use a newspaper that is easier to find and free. 

Bird food 

Depending on what type of breed your pet, you have to prepare their food. The treats and foods are the basic needs for your birds. When you buy them from a shelter or breeder, you have to ask them what food they give to the bird. There will be times that they will provide you with a stock that can last for a week. However, when you plan to change the diet that the vet suggests, you have to know how you will convert your bird to pellets. It is also ideal that you make treats for your bird as it can help you bond and give something as a sign of reward. When you are observant, you also have to know what kind of treats your bird wants while training. 

Bird carriers 

The bird carriers are necessary. Mainly you will use them when you are going to the vet, vacation, or evacuation. The carries will always come in handy in this kind of situation. Besides transportation, they can also use the bird carriers for sleep, hospital, or feeding cage. You only have to ensure that it is clean and always useable. 


Birds are intelligent creatures because you cannot spend most of your time with them. Giving them toys can make them happy and avoid nasty behaviors such as plucking or screaming. It needs to be replaced because they are sometimes chewing it. You can always make their toys or buy them from the store. 

Clement Jansen

Clement Jansen